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[Questions 1-24 asked only of those 14 years of age or older.]

In questions 13-21, full or part-time work for payment, profit, or other remuneration, and also work of a family member without pay in a family business will be considered as "work". Not considered as "work": work of woman in her own household.

[Questions 17-21 were asked of persons age 14+ who worked and did not serve in regular or professional military service last week, per questions 13, 16]

If you worked last week, please mark details of your main work. If you did not work last week, but worked in Israel during the last 12 months, give details of your last work.

18. Where did you work?

a. Name of place of work (name of enterprise, institution, or employer) ____
Samples: "Jerusalem Municipality", "R. Cohen - Greengrocer", Eshkoli Factory", "Ministry of Labor", "Yefe Nof Primary School", "Private Clinic of Dr. Levy"

b. Description of principal activity of the place of work ____
Samples: Retail sale of shoes; ladies' hairdresser; manufacture of office furniture; teaching languages; raising poultry.

c. Branch or division (if existing) in which you work ____
Samples: Division of manufacture of children's wear; Division for production of refrigerators; Water department at municipality; Public works department; Antiquities department.

d. Address of your place of work

Write down the address you reach first on coming from home

____ Settlement
____ Street/Quarter
____ Number of house (or identifiable adjacent place)