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[Questions 14-18 are be completed for each person aged 14 years or older]

17. Full-time education received:

If the person attended the following types of school or college full-time, state the number of years in each case. If the person did not attend, write "None".

State age at which full-time education ended____

Secondary: ___ years

Vocational, technical, or commercial: ___ years

University or higher technical: ____ years

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Question 17 - Education.
Entries in this section of the form are required only in respect of persons who have ceased full-time education and should relate only to the full-time education received. No entries are required for children who are still at school or college or for persons attending universities or day courses in vocational schools or business colleges. For a person who has ceased full-time education, the age at which he or she ceased receiving full-time education should be inserted in the first column. In the other columns should be entered the number of years spent in full-time attendance at the type of school, college etc. "None" should be entered if the particular type of school etc. was not attended full-time. It should be particularly noted that the information required is in respect of type of school or college etc. attended, regardless of whether or not certificates or qualifications were obtained. In the case of a person with a job, who is attending a technical school or university part-time, no entry in respect of this part-time education should be made; the particulars entered should be in respect of the educational establishments which that person had attended full-time.