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[The following questions should be answered in respect of each private household and of the house, flat or rooms occupied by that household. These questions need not be answered in respect of private households living in caravans or other mobile dwellings.]

26. Sanitary facilities

[] Flush toilet
[] Dry closet
[] Chemical closet
[] No toilet or closet

Is the toilet or closet inside the building?
[] Yes
[] No

Is the toilet or closet shared with another household?
[] Yes
[] No

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Answers should be furnished to Questions 19 to 28, inclusive, in respect of all private household (except those in mobile dwellings) and in respect of the houses, flats, or rooms occupied by such households.

Question 24, 25 and 26 - Water supply, bath or shower and sanitary facilities. The Enumerator should check that entries have been made in the appropriate spaces in Boxes 24 and 26 and in Box 25 and that they are consistent with his own knowledge of the district. In particular, there should be appropriate entries ("Yes" or "No") in relation to the sharing of a bath or shower, to the situation of the sanitary facilities and to the sharing of the sanitary facilities.