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VII. B. Persons age 5 or older
[Questions 1-6 were asked of persons age 5 or older]

Q.1 Residence in October 1980

Province ____
Regency/municipality ____

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X. Information on household members

A. Block VII: General information on household members
1. The objective of this block is to record information on items such as sex, age, schooling status, and activities conducted during the past week for every household member, starting with the member with serial number "01" and continuing to the last household member.

2. Method of filling out the form
Circle one of the codes corresponding to the respondent's answer, and then write the code in the box on the right.

C. Block VII.B: Persons age 5 or older

Question 1: Place of residence in October 1980
Enter the name of the province and regency/municipality of the respondent's residence in October 1980, that is, at the time the 1980 Population Census was conducted.