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Hours worked outside of main occupation

Codes and Frequencies

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      class Hrsadd : public Editor {

  Hrsadd(VarPointer varInfo) : Editor(varInfo) {}
  void edit() {

    long a = getRecoded();
    switch (dataSet) {
    case dataset_id::es2005h:
    case dataset_id::es2005i:
    case dataset_id::es2005j:
    case dataset_id::es2005k:
    case dataset_id::es2006h:
    case dataset_id::es2006i:
    case dataset_id::es2006j:
    case dataset_id::es2006k:
    case dataset_id::es2007h:
    case dataset_id::es2007i:
    case dataset_id::es2007j:
    case dataset_id::es2007k:
    case dataset_id::es2008h:
    case dataset_id::es2008i:
    case dataset_id::es2008j:
    case dataset_id::es2008k:
    case dataset_id::es2009h:
    case dataset_id::es2009i:
    case dataset_id::es2009j:
    case dataset_id::es2009k:
    case dataset_id::es2010h:
    case dataset_id::es2010i:
    case dataset_id::es2010j:
    case dataset_id::es2010k:
    case dataset_id::es2011h:
    case dataset_id::es2011i:
    case dataset_id::es2011j:
    case dataset_id::es2011k:
    case dataset_id::es2012h:
    case dataset_id::es2012i:
    case dataset_id::es2012j:
    case dataset_id::es2012k:
    case dataset_id::es2013h:
    case dataset_id::es2013i:
    case dataset_id::es2013j:
    case dataset_id::es2013k:
    case dataset_id::es2014h:
    case dataset_id::es2014i:
    case dataset_id::es2014j:
    case dataset_id::es2014k:
    case dataset_id::es2015h:
    case dataset_id::es2015i:
    case dataset_id::es2015j:
    case dataset_id::es2015k:
    case dataset_id::es2016h:
    case dataset_id::es2016i:
    case dataset_id::es2016j:
    case dataset_id::es2016k:
    case dataset_id::es2017h:
    case dataset_id::es2017i:
    case dataset_id::es2017j:
    case dataset_id::es2017k:
    case dataset_id::es2018h:
    case dataset_id::es2018i:
    case dataset_id::es2018j:
    case dataset_id::es2018k:
    case dataset_id::es2019h:
    case dataset_id::es2019i:
    case dataset_id::es2019j:
    case dataset_id::es2019k:
    case dataset_id::es2020h:
    case dataset_id::es2020i:
    case dataset_id::es2020j:
    case dataset_id::es2020k: {
      long wkhours = valueFromFirstAvailable(
          {ES2005H_0456_ref, ES2005I_0456_ref, ES2005J_0456_ref,
           ES2005K_0456_ref, ES2006H_0456_ref, ES2006I_0456_ref,
           ES2006J_0456_ref, ES2006K_0456_ref, ES2007H_0456_ref,
           ES2007I_0456_ref, ES2007J_0456_ref, ES2007K_0456_ref,
           ES2008H_0456_ref, ES2008I_0456_ref, ES2008J_0456_ref,
           ES2008K_0456_ref, ES2009H_0456_ref, ES2009I_0456_ref,
           ES2009J_0456_ref, ES2009K_0456_ref, ES2010H_0456_ref,
           ES2010I_0456_ref, ES2010J_0456_ref, ES2010K_0456_ref,
           ES2011H_0456_ref, ES2011I_0456_ref, ES2011J_0456_ref,
           ES2011K_0456_ref, ES2012H_0456_ref, ES2012I_0456_ref,
           ES2012J_0456_ref, ES2012K_0456_ref, ES2013H_0456_ref,
           ES2013I_0456_ref, ES2013J_0456_ref, ES2013K_0456_ref,
           ES2014H_0456_ref, ES2014I_0456_ref, ES2014J_0456_ref,
           ES2014K_0456_ref, ES2015H_0456_ref, ES2015I_0456_ref,
           ES2015J_0456_ref, ES2015K_0456_ref, ES2016H_0456_ref,
           ES2016I_0456_ref, ES2016J_0456_ref, ES2016K_0456_ref,
           ES2017H_0456_ref, ES2017I_0456_ref, ES2017J_0456_ref,
           ES2017K_0456_ref, ES2018H_0456_ref, ES2018I_0456_ref,
           ES2018J_0456_ref, ES2018K_0456_ref, ES2019H_0456_ref,
           ES2019I_0456_ref, ES2019J_0456_ref, ES2019K_0456_ref,
           ES2020H_0456_ref, ES2020I_0456_ref, ES2020J_0456_ref,
      if ((wkhours - ((wkhours / 100) * 100)) < 30) {
        a = (wkhours / 100);
      if ((wkhours - ((wkhours / 100) * 100)) >= 30) {
        a = (wkhours / 100) + 1;
      if (a > 95) {
        a = 95;
    } break;




HRSADD indicates the number of hours the respondent typically worked per week in jobs unrelated to their primary occupation. Time spent outside of the workplace in work-related tasks was to be included; time set aside for meals was to be excluded.

Comparable information for the person's primary occupation can be found in the variable HRSMAIN.

Comparability — Index


Comparability — General

In all samples, the reference period for employment was the last week prior to the census. The numbers of hours worked per week was recorded.


  • Brazil 1991: Persons age 10+ who were employed
  • Brazil 2000: Persons age 10+ who were employed


  • Brazil: 1991, 2000
  • Italy: 2011Q1, 2012Q1, 2013Q1, 2014Q1, 2015Q1, 2016Q1, 2017Q1, 2018Q1, 2019Q1
  • Nigeria: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Spain: 2005Q1, 2005Q2, 2005Q3, 2005Q4, 2006Q1, 2006Q2, 2006Q3, 2006Q4, 2007Q1, 2007Q2, 2007Q3, 2007Q4, 2008Q1, 2008Q2, 2008Q3, 2008Q4, 2009Q1, 2009Q2, 2009Q3, 2009Q4, 2010Q1, 2010Q2, 2010Q3, 2010Q4, 2011Q1, 2011Q2, 2011Q3, 2011Q4, 2012Q1, 2012Q2, 2012Q3, 2012Q4, 2013Q1, 2013Q2, 2013Q3, 2013Q4, 2014Q1, 2014Q2, 2014Q3, 2014Q4, 2015Q1, 2015Q2, 2015Q3, 2015Q4, 2016Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016Q4, 2017Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q4, 2018Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q4, 2019Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019Q4