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Only for women who have had children
[Questions 27 and 28 are asked of women who had have children]

27. Number of children that you have had born alive

Include those that have died before the census.

Number of children _ _
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Questions about fertility should be asked exclusively of the women who have had children, independent of their civil status (married or not, etc.)

Since these questions are considered a bit delicate due to their nature, it is recommended that it be left for last, which means when the form has been completed for all of the members of the census household in the rest of the questions. For men and women who have not had children, you should write a large X across the boxes that correspond to questions 27 and 28.

Question 27: Number of children born alive that you have had

In this space, you should note the number of children that were born alive. Therefore, you should exclude miscarriages, abortions, and children who were born dead.

Be aware that what we want is the number of children born alive, whether or not these are alive or dead at the census date.