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VII. Housing services and amenities
[Mark only one box in each division]

Sanitary services

28. Type of drain (for the sanitary service)

[] 1 A municipal sewer system
[] 2 A septic tank
[] 3 Above ground, exposed
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VII. Services and amenities of the dwelling

In this section, we investigate the existence and characteristics of some of the services that should be in every dwelling, such as water, drains, lighting, etc.

b) Sanitary services:

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In this section of the form, we investigate three aspects:

1) Type of service: it refers to the type of installation used for the elimination of fecal materials in the dwelling;
2) Use of service: it refers to the use of that installation (private or collective); and
3) Type of sewer: it is the place where the sewer drain of the sanitary service is connected.

Class of sewer:

[p. 29]

In this section, corresponding to line 28, we want to know how the waste from a toilet or a washable latrine is eliminated, which means the sewage system for the sanitary services. If the sewer system of these installations is connected directly to the municipal network of sewers, you will mark the first small box. It is common that in some places, when there is no municipal network, the waste is carried to a septic tank; it is a place in which, through the addition of some chemical substances, the materials are decomposed, or also when the sewer goes to a simple well, in which through absorption the materials disappear. In any of these two cases previously described, you will mark the second small box that corresponds to "absorbent well." If the sewer goes out directly to the street, cliff or neighboring land, or across the open land, you will mark the third small box "across open land."