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Questions 8 through 21 are only for those people 14 years old or more

If you work, go to the back of the page (questions 12 to 21)

If you are on sick leave or maternity leave
If you help a member of your family in his or her work without pay
If you are apprenticed under contract, a paid intern (TUC, SIVP..), etc.

15. Where do you work?

a) Address of your workplace.
Number ____ street or lieudit [a place usually deep in the countryside, with no address but named after its function or by the landmark it is close to] name
County: (for Paris, Lyon, and Marseille specify city neighborhood) ____
Department (or country): _ _ ____
b) Name (or corporate name) of the establishment which employs you or which you yourself direct:
c) Activity of this establishment:
Be very precise. Examples: wholesale wine business, manufacturing of steel structures, highway transport of passengers, etc.
d) Address of this establishment, if it is different from the one declared in question 15a.