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For all people 16 years of age or older
[Applies to questions 8 -18]

17. If you are currently without work and if you are looking for some:

a. For how long have you been looking for work?

[] 1 less than 3 months
[] 2 3 to less than 6 months
[] 3 6 months to less than a year
[] 4 one year or more

b. Have you already worked?

[] Yes
[] No

c. What is your career? ____

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[Questions 8 - 18 are for persons age 16 or older]

Question 17: The case of the unemployed and those who are looking for work.
This question concerns all people having or having not already worked, who fulfill the following conditions simultaneously:
a) do not have a job:
b) are actively looking for work.
Do not apply to these people the label "unemployed" which is sometimes judged offensive and which has a slightly different connotation.