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Persons six years and over
[Questions 8-11 were asked of persons 6 years and over.]

11. Industry ____

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The main economical activity column No.(11)
For the person less than (6) years write under age

As for the person who is (6) years and over and working, record in this column the type of work that the establishment practicing in which he is working, regardless the nature of his work and his occupation, an electric engineer and working in a cotton spinning company, his economical activity is deemed spinning cotton and the driver who is working in a macaroni factory for example, his economical activity is considered macaroni industry.

The person working outside the establishments, record to him the economical activity that he is practicing, the agriculture worker or the farmer, his economical activity is written "agriculture" and so on.

The economical activity must come in details, and it must be specified and clearly explained
Wholesale groceries trade
Retail seeds trade
Drinks industry
Leather shoes industry
The person whose employment status is seeking for work, record for him the data of the last economical activity that he practices before his unemployment. For those who do not work, write "unemployment"