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22. What is the main activity or main product of the business or establishment where you worked at the above activity? ____
Example: Elementary education, industrial textile production, traveling sales, cattle, fishing industry, mechanic's shop, tailoring, beauty shop, etc.

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Question 22.- What does the place, establishment, or business where you carried out the previously indicated occupation do or what does it produce?

[There is a picture of question 22 from this section of the enumeration form.]

Record what the industry, business, estate, plot of land, institute, public office, etc. where the person carried out the occupation indicated in question 20 produces or what it does.

If the establishment performs more than one activity, record the activity that the informant carries out.

If a person has as an occupation making cheese and the place where they work is a livestock ranch within which a cheese factory operates, what you should record as the industry is cheese factory.

For those people who perform services as washerwomen or domestic employees in private homes, record private home.

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For people who work in public organizations, they should specify the activity that they carry out and not the name of the institution. Remember that an institution can include various industries. Record the activity in which the person carried out the occupation indicated.

For the person whose occupation is carried out in the street while walking, record peddling of (newspapers, fruits, vegetables, candy, etc?.).

Avoid general and imprecise data that don't clearly indicate the industry of the establishment where the informant works.


Incomplete: Factory
Complete: Cheese factory, clothing factory, textile factory

Incomplete: Workshop
Complete: Auto repair shop, tailor shop, dental technician's practice

Incomplete: Construction
Complete: Construction of railway lines, housing construction

Incomplete: Transportation
Complete: Trolleybus transportation, river transport of passengers

Incomplete: Education
Complete: Preschool teaching, general post-secondary teaching, secondary education

Incomplete: Domestic activities
Complete: Nanny, butler