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Ask questions 13-16 only of those who answered 1 or 2 in question 12.

14. Industry. In what activity does the business, industry, office or farm where the enumerated person works engage? (Examples: agricultural enterprise, sugar production). For those unemployed, write the type of industry of the business, etc. where last employed.

____ Activity of the business, industry, etc.
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11.5.4 Economic characteristics. Questions 12-16 are presented only to those 10 years of age and older. It is also pointed out that questions 13-16 are only presented to those who were classified in either of the first two groups of question 12: "employed" or "unemployed".

c) Question 14. Industry. Along with the occupation, it is necessary to establish and record the type of activity or industry practiced by the establishment, business, industry, office, or farm where the enumerated person works. As in the previous category, it is necessary to define the "industry" of these establishments in the most precise manner possible. Other examples, besides those mentioned on the census form, would be: livestock farm [ranch], doors and windows industry, metallurgic industry, vehicle sales and repair, etc.