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Only for people 12 years or older
[Questions 20 through 23 are asked only of persons aged 20 and older]

About the main job

[This question is asked of persons who worked for an hour or more, had employment or helped with family business or farm]

27. What does the company, institution, or business where [the respondent] works produce? ____

For question 27 from Block IV, about the branch of activities, you can initiate with responses such as: cultivation of?, fabrication of ..., furniture, construction of?, retail sale of.?, wholesale of?, domestic services, sale of repair parts for..., ground transportation of..., fabrication of..., repairs of..., elementary education, secondary education.

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Questions 20 to 31 are asked only of people 12 years of age or older.

Questions 24 to 29: Determine the characteristics of the people's main work
This refers to the characteristics of the main job, that to which the person habitually dedicates the most number of hours or that which generates the greatest income.

About the main job

Question 27: Branch of activity

_____ 27. What does the company, institution, or business where [name] works produce?

The "branch of activity" allow us to locate the business, establishment, company, or farm, within an economic sector, according to the class of goods or services that it produces. You must note the branch of the activity of the establishment in which the person works in his/her main occupation.

So, if it deals with a business of the commercial sector you must indicate as well the type of product that they sell, and if it deals with retail sale or wholesale; if it deals with an agricultural farm you must specify the type of animals or crops that are produced in the farm, in the case of industrial manufacturer you must describe the kind of goods that are produced are developed in the business or factory, or if it deals with businesses that provide services to others, you must specify the kind of service offered.

Upon noting this you should avoid generic terms such as workshop, factory, warehouse, farm, laboratory that by themselves do not allow for a classification of the branch of economic activity.

Below some examples of correct and incorrect annotations used when assigning this information are shown, which will surely help one understand what is being asked:

For no reason leave questions 24 "main occupation" and 27 "branch of activity" blank for those declared employed.

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[The left-hand side is the general but incorrect type of branch of activity; examples of more specific and correct identification of industry activity follow to the right]

Sale of construction materials: wholesale of tubes, cement, paint

Transportation: transportation of ground passengers, transportation of aerial passengers, transportation of maritime passengers, transportation of ground cargo, transportation of aerial cargo, transportation of maritime cargo

Repairs: computer repair, appliance repair, building and structure repair

Agricultural activities: cleaning of terrain for planting, collection of coffee, cleaning of farms

Information activities: web page design, software development, office of information technologies

Farm: production of milk and milk products, production of sugar cane and coffee, recreation estate

Bakery: elaboration of baked good, sale of baked goods

Cultivation of agricultural products: yucca cultivation, sugar cane cultivation