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12. Does this dwelling have toilet facilities
[] 1 connected to the public sewer?
[] 2 connected to a septic tank?
[] 3 pit toilet or latrine?
[] 4 other system?
[] 5 Doesn't have (skip to 14)

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Question 12: Availability of Toilet Facilities

This question permits obtaining an indicator of the sanitary conditions of the country.

Toilet facilities: Space equipped within or outside of the dwelling, so that in it its inhabitants can fulfill their physiological needs.

Mark with an "X" only one of the following types of toilet facilities.

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Connected to public service: Toilet facilities are connected to a sewer system that collects sewage from many dwellings.

[Below the text is a picture of pipes.]

Connected to a septic tank: Toilet facilities are connected to a tank of concrete, cement or other materials, connected to drainage areas. Generally, it is built in the patio of the house. If the tank is connected to a public sewer system, mark the previous option.

[Below the text is a picture of pipes.]

From pit toilet or latrine: Also called "pit toilet". Consists of a hole over which there is a hut with a cement, concrete or wooden floor, and a base that serves as a latrine made also of any of these materials.

[Below the text is a picture of an outhouse.]

With another system: Toilet services formed by a "toilet bowl" or any object that drains into a natural current of water: irrigation ditch, ditch, river, estuary, etc.

[Below the text is a picture of a house next to a river.]

Does not have: The residents of the dwelling are not provided any type of toilet facilities. In this case, the persons generally deposit their excreta directly on the ground, that is to say, they go "to the mountain".

If this response is selected go directly to question 14.