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10. Type and use of toilet facilities
Sewer or septic tank

[] 1 Only for this dwelling
[] 2 For this and other dwellings

Concrete pit toilet

[] 3 Only for this dwelling
[] 4 For this and other dwellings

Wooden pit toilet

[] 5 Only for this dwelling
[] 6 For this and other dwellings


[] 7 Only for this dwelling
[] 8 For this and other dwellings

[] 9 None

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Question 10: Type and use of toilet facilities

Something similar to bath services occurs with "toilet facilities". In some areas of cities and, principally, in rural areas, it is possible to find that dwellings do not have toilet facilities, that is to say, a space adapted in some manner for depositing urine and excreta.

On the other hand when you find that the dwelling that you are to enumerate has toilet services, of course it is not always the same type, also, in some cases it is only for the dwelling that is being enumerated and in others of more than one dwelling. You can see a faithful reproduction of question 10, such as it is included in the dwelling form.

As you will be able to see, for this question, 9 possible responses exist, according to the type or class of toilet facilities, that they have. Among these options are included dwellings that have no toilet facilities. If it has more than one class, write down the one of greatest use.

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Definition Of Concepts

{Types of toilet facilities}

It is possible that all types or classes of toilet facilities that exist in the dwelling of the country are familiar to you. Nevertheless, it is not bad to review what consists of each class of toilet facilities.

  • Sewer or septic tank


It concerns a system that consists of a toilet bowl connected to a sewer system through which fecal material is eliminated.

Septic tank

It concerns a toilet bowl that is connected to a concrete or reinforced concrete tank, connected to drainage areas by means of which human residues are eliminated (urine and excreta). Generally a "septic tank" is in the patio of the house, with a simple glance there is no difference between facilities by sewer or by septic tank, which is the reason why they appear as a single category.

  • Concrete pit toilet

Commonly we call it in our country "pit toilet". It concerns a more or less deep hole over which is constructed a hut, in which the floor and base that serves as a toilet bowl is built of cement or concrete.

  • Wooden Pit Toilet

This case we also know commonly in our country as "pit toilet". It is similar to what we described previously, only that the floor or the base are wooden.

  • "Other" type of toilet services

Those toilet services that have a "bowl" or any object that does the function of it, connected to a waste pipe, irrigation ditch, (ditch), river, the sea etc. are classified here. That is to say, the form of discarding excreta is a natural current of water or a ditch built to give passage to water in an improvised manner or at times to the earth from some given height.

  • "Does Not Have" toilet facilities, that is to say, that there is no form of eliminating the human excreta and urine similar to those previously cited. Generally grown ups go to the woods (al monte) to do their necessities and children do it near the house.