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Only for people 6 years of age or older
[Applies to questions 13 - 16]

15. Level of instruction

What is the last grade or year of regular schooling completed, whether primary, secondary or university? Write the number corresponding to the last grade or year of regular schooling completed, after the respective level.
If the person has not completed any grade, mark the circle 40.

1 Primary ____
2 Middle (secondary) ____
3 University ____
[] 40 No grade

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21.- Question No. 15.- Level of instruction

Like the previous question, this one should be asked only to persons 6 years old or older. Write the number of the highest grade or year that a person has passed. In this question it is necessary to insist a little, since, generally, a person tends to say the grade or year that the person is in; while the last passed is what is to be known.

You should write down the number of the grade or year in the corresponding line agreeing with the level of education. If a person does not remember the information exactly, but knows they attended primary school, secondary school or university, write down a "d" (which means unknown in the respective line.

Many university students take subjects of different years, always write down the last year that they have completely passed.

In the case of university graduates, who although they are have not taken the exams to obtain their professional title, the last year passed should always be written down. If a person has a university degree medical, law, or economy, etc., write a "G" (which means graduated) in the line that says "University".

When a person has not passed any grade, mark the box that has this name "No Grade"; this box should be marked for two groups of persons, namely:

Those being 6 or more years old, never have attended school.

Children or any other person who is taking first grade in primary education.