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8. Sewer facilities

(mark only one box)

[] 1-2 Sewer
[] 3-4 Septic tank
[] 5-6 Concrete Cesspool (Pozo negro de planchet)
[] 7-8 Wooden Cesspool (Pozo negro de madera)
[] 9-0 Other
[] 11 Does not have
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Box No. 8.- Sewer facilities

Mark with an "X" the box that identifies the type of toilet facilities that the Dwelling has.

Sewer: When the apparatus is connected to a public system.

Septic Tank: When the apparatus is connected to a system that consists of a cement tank, in which the "negros" [black] waters are eliminated by special procedures.

Cesspool: (pit toilet): When the Dwelling only is provided a pit more or less deep, over which is a hut. The cesspool can be: [p. 30]
1) of Concrete: When the floor and the walls are concrete.

2) of Wood: when the floor or the walls, or both wooden.

Other: Any other means of toilet services no thought of here.

Does not have: When the Dwelling is not supplied toilet services.

Box 9.- Use of Toilet Services

You should ask if the toilet services are for exclusive use of the occupants of the Dwelling ("Only For This Dwelling") or if it is also used with equal right by those of other Dwellings ("For This and Other Dwellings"), and mark with an "X" the respective box.