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II. Questionnaire of the census units

____ Class
____ AG
____ AGAD
____ Order number of the building in the AG
____ Code of the interviewer
____ Order number of the unit within the building--code of the interviewer
____ Address

In addition, in the case of class 3 AG, disperse rural, you will collect the information about the municipal territory, inspection, village, road, or group of rural housing and the territorialness for Indigenous Protection and Black Communities. For this, you will request that the interviewee answer the following:

1. Name of:
1. Municipal territory (Corregimiento): "DMC removable list"
2. Inspection: "DMC removable list"
3. Village: "DMC removable list"
4. Indigenous territory (Parcel, protected area, reserve, group of rural dwellings, unauthorized dwellings, community)
5. Rural remainder -- Continue with question about territorialness _____

Write the number of the group when the answer is 1, 2, 3, or 4.

2. Territorialness
[] 1 Reserve: "DMC removable list"
[] 2 Collective territory of a black community: "DMC removable list"
[] 3 None or the above

Name: _____
(Write the name of the territory when the answer is 1 or 2)

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Chapter I

Geographic census identification and summary of the AG

This chapter should be correctly filled out with your name and code. Never leave it blank, even when the AG does not contain buildings, for example, a park.

[Below the text is a blank form.]

In numbers 1 to 3. Write the name and code of the department and municipality conforming to the list of the Political Administrative Division of Colombia. Write the code of the AG.

In number 4. Write the name and code of the enumerator