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E. For women fifteen years old or older.
[Applies to questions 46 - 50]

46. How many children (live-births) have you had?

[] 00 None (continue with the next person)
Number of live births (continue with number 47) _ _
[] 98 Does not know (continue with number 47)

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E. Only for women 15 years old or older

(Questions 46 to 50)

Take into account that this part of the form is directed only to women and that it should only be filled out for women who are 15 years old or older, even if they are single.

Question No. 46 Children born alive

[Below the text is a form.]

Take into account the following:

Born alive is the child who upon being born, breathes, cries or moves.

If a child, upon being born, shows any of these signs of life and later dies, it is a live birth, and therefore, should be registered in the form. This is clarified because frequently the interviewed mother declares as still born children who, having been born alive, die during their first hours or months of their life.

Mark "x" in box 00 (none), when a mother has not had any children born alive in her life and go to the next person.

Write in the box "number of children born alive" the total number of children born alive that a mother has had during her whole life, even if they are dead.

Mark "x" in box 98 (does not know), when a woman or the interviewed person does not remember or know the number of children born alive that she has had.