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6. Toilet

What type of toilet is available to this household?
[] 1 Toilet connected to a sewage system
[] 2 Toilet connected to septic tank
[] 3 Latrine
[] 4 No toilet

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Question No. 6. Toilet facilities

[Below the text is a form.]

Toilet facilities are understood to be any system that permits the elimination of residues, sewage, etc.

Mark "x" in box No. 1, when the toilet service is connected to a sewer system. Mark "x" in box 2 when the toilet facilities are connected to a septic well.

Mark "x" in box No. 3 when a household has a latrine. Mark "x" in box no. 4, when a household does not have toilet facilities; in this case, omit questions 7 and 8 and continue.