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20. Place of employment ____ _
Write the principal activity of the industry where the person works. Examples: shoe factory, carpentry shop, clothing shop, agricultural farm, store, road construction, transportation, etc. For those who are unemployed, write the activity of their last employment.

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Place of employment

Column No. 20: Principal activity of the office, factory or workshop for which it is worked. - What is the principal activity of the factory, store, office, entity, etc. where you worked? In this column the principal activity of the establishment where a person works should be written down, indicating what is produced if it concerns a factory; what is sold it if is a store, what is extracted if it is for example an exploiting company of mines or wood, or also the class of service that is offered if that is the specialty of the establishment.

The activity of an establishment should be registered clearly such as: Beer brewery, tile factory, automobile repair workshop, provisions store, cloth store, company of electric energy, transportation of cargo, transportation of passengers, government position, mayoralty, barracks of the army, hotel, convent, shoe store, carpenter's shop, etc.

One should not write down: the name or social purpose of an establishment, since the largest part of them do not indicate the corresponding activity, which would be the same as leaving this question without an answer. For example: Store "FĂ©nix" or Workshop "La Esmeralda"; etc.

For persons who work in their homes on dresses, sewing, repairing shoes etc., for an establishment, the class of activity of the establishment should be written down, example: Clothing store, shoe store, embroidery factory, etc. If on the other hand, they themselves sell their product; "their domicile" will be written down.

For storekeepers, sellers and craftsmen who do not have a fixed establishment, they should be written down as "street vendor".

For masons, who do not depend on a determined company, "construction jobs" should be written down.

Inasmuch as cooks, butlers, and servants in general, they should be written down where they work: Family house, hotel, restaurant, etc.

For persons who are absent from their job because of vacations, sickness, on leave, etc., the activity of the establishment where they work should be written down. For persons who are without work, the activity of the establishment where they worked last will be written down.

In this column one should not write down any persons who in column 19 were categorized as minors, looking for work, students, invalids, rentiers, pensioned, interned, imprisoned, and the rest of the conditions. Neither should commas be used for repeating information nor forgetting that this column refers to the place of work and not the occupation.