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Only for private, occupied dwellings with people present (applies to questions 3 through 16)

8. The toilet (W.C.) is:

[] 1 Connected to a sewer or septic tank
[] 2 A pit or latrine (pozo negro)
[] 3 On a river or canal
[] 4 Connected to another system
[] 5 Doesn't have toilet facilities

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8. The Toilet services (W.C.) are:

1. Connected to a Sewer or Septic Tank. When the toilet drains into the public network's system, or into a deep well system that is similar to the sewer for purposes of drainage.

2. Outhouse [cajón] above a Pit. Generally this type of toilet is found in camp dwellings or dwellings under construction. It is also typical of rural dwellings.

3. Outhouse over an Irrigation Ditch or Canal. The same as the previous, but located above an irrigation ditch or canal.

4. Connected to another system. Fill in this circle if the emptying of the toilet takes place through a system that is different from those previously described. Example: chemical (Port O'let).

5. Doesn't have toilet facilities.

[The above directions refer to a picture of question 8 in this section of the enumeration form.]