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For all those age 15 and older

13. Describe what the establishment, company, business, factory, etc is primarily dedicated to where you work (or worked, if you are unemployed)

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13. Describe what the establishment, company, business, factory, etc. where you work (or worked if unemployed) principally does or what products [it principally makes].

Give a specific idea of the activity of the establishment, business, factory, etc., avoiding general terms. For example:

If they tell you an industry, ask what type of industry (textile, metallurgic, plastics, etc.)

If they tell you a clinic, ask what type of factory (footwear, clothing, candy, etc.) [Translator's note: There appears to be an error in the original. The intended wording, most likely, was: "If they tell you a factory . . ."]

If they tell you a clinic, ask what the specialty is (maternity, traumatology, etc.)

If they respond with a store, ask the type of products (merchandise, cosmetics, groceries, etc.)

If they answer a large farm [fundo], ask if it is for livestock, lumber, dairy, agriculture, etc.

In the case of companies that have establishments dedicated to different activities, for example: production and commerce, the activity performed by the unit where the person being enumerated works should be recorded.

If the person does not employ their services in one of the places mentioned above, as in the case of street vendors or workers who perform their services in the home (without having any establishment), taxi drivers or hauling contractors who use their own vehicle, etc., you should ask them to describe what they produce, repair, clean, transport, etc. For example: household appliance repair, woolen fabrics made by machine or woven by hand [a palillos], buying and selling of magazines, medical consultation, etc.

[The above directions refer to a picture of question 13 in this section of the enumeration form.]