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For all those 5 and older

8. What is the last year that you passed and in what type of education was this study?


0. Kindergarten ____
1. First year ____
2. Second year ____
3. Third year ____
4. Fourth year ____
5. Fifth year ____
6. Sixth year ____
7. Seventh year ____
8. Eight year ____
9. None ____

Type of Schooling:
1. Basic or primary ____
2. Media ____
3. Humanities ____
4. Commercial ____
5. Industrial ____
6. Agricultural ____
7. Feminine technical ____
8. Teacher-training ____
9. Professional institute ____
10. University ____

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8. What is the last level that you passed and in what type of instruction?

Both for those who currently attend and those who attended, ask about the last level passed and not about the one they are currently in.

Fill in the ovals corresponding to the level and type of instruction reported to you by the informant.

For those who are going to school this year for the first time, whether it be to kindergarten or the first year of elementary school, you should mark the oval for the option None.

If the informant has doubts, read them the different response choices.

[The above directions refer to a picture of question 8 in this section of the enumeration form.]