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5. Toilet facilities

a) System of waste removal
[] 1 Sewer installation
[] 2 Septic tank
[] 3 Pit/latrine
[] 4 Drain to irrigation canal (acequia)
[] 5 Other system
[] 6 None

b) The toilet is used:
[] 1 Exclusively by this family
[] 2 By two or more families

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5. Toilet Facilities

Under this heading information will be collected only: a) about the system for elimination of human waste, and b) about the exclusive use, or lack thereof, of the toilet facilities (lavatory, toilet, (excusados lavables), etc.), generically referred to as "toilets."

Take note of the following definitions of systems for elimination of human waste:

a) Sewer system. This term is used when the dwelling's facilities drain into the general receptacles of the sewer system.

b) Septic tank or well. This is used only when a sewer system isn't present. This term is used when the drain leads to a closed concrete tank, where [p. 29] a process of decanting and rotting takes place. These tanks drain, ultimately by overflow, into an absorption well.

c) Pit/latrine. Or absorbent well, is a hole, without further specifications, where waste materials end up.

The rest of the systems mentioned in the document don't need further clarification.

Mark the appropriate response for each of the two types of information requested.