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8. Sewage installations
[] 1 general sewage system
[] 2 septic tank
[] 3 rudimentary septic tank
[] 4 other drainage
[] 5 don't have

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Question 8 - Waste Disposal

Record, as the case may be:

General Sewer system - when the toilet is connected to a general sewage collecting system;
Septic tank - when the toilet is connected to a septic tank, even if the septic tank serves more than one dwelling;
Rudimentary cesspool - when there is no toilet and the dwelling is served by a simple cesspool (rudimentary latrine, well, hole, etc.)
Other sewage outlet - when sewage facilities (whether or not there is a toilet) are connected to any sewage outlet which is neither a sewer system, a cesspool, a septic tank or a latrine, such as a river, lake, etc.;

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Does not have - when the dwelling does not have any kind of toilet or sewage disposal facilities or when its occupants use facilities common to more than one dwelling.