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County of birth, Romania

Codes and Frequencies

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BPLRO indicates the county in Romania in which the person was born.

Comparability — General

The variable is comparable across Romanian samples aside from boundary changes that may have occurred. In particular, there is some change in geography around Bucharest. Calarasi and Giurgiu counties are not identified in 1977. Ilfov is not identified in the 1992 sample, and is presumably combined with Bucharest.

The 2002 sample provides more detail within the Bucharest municipality; the units can be combined to make them compatible with the earlier samples.


  • Romania 1977: All persons
  • Romania 1992: All persons
  • Romania 2002: All persons
  • Romania 2011: All persons


  • Romania: 1977, 1992, 2002, 2011