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8.2 The wastewater from the toilet facilities flows to:
[Question 8.2 was asked of persons in occupied private dwellings with toilet facilities, per Questions 1, 2 and 8.]

[] 1 Public sewer
[] 2 Septic tank
[] 3 Other (pit, surface, etc.)

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Only for those households that have toilet services.

If they have such services, the following should be asked:

8.1 If it is for the private use of the household occupants or if they share with other households, mark the appropriate box.

8.2 It will also be necessary to ask about the runoff of toilet services. Mark whether it is through:

1. Public sewer. When the elimination is carried out through an exterior piping system, commonly known as canalization or sewer.

2. Septic chamber. This is a waterproofed reservoir for waste waters, generally made out of reinforced cement.

3. Others. When these waters go to a pit toilet, hole in the ground, to the surface, etc.