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Residents of 6 years or more of age (questions 20 to 24)
[Questions 20-24 were asked of persons aged 6 years or older]

24. Economic activity - What does the establishment in which [the person] works or has most worked primarily do?

- Shoe manufacturing company
- Bike repair
- Corn cultivation
- Domestic services
- Construction

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24. Branch of activity

The branch of activity corresponds to the activity of the establishment or enterprise where the person has worked for at least 7 days [continuous or not] in the 3 last months preceding the census agent's visit.

This also concerns unemployed persons who have already worked [code "3" of number 21 "unemployed"] of the last branch of activity in which they worked.

Q: "What is/was the main activity that [the respondent] exercises/exercised or the enterprise in which you/[the respondent] work/works?"

Write legibly the declared type of activity on the corresponding line.

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Example 1:

Bike reparations;
Corn farming;
Domestic services [in the case where the employee is or was a servant for a private individual];
Building construction [in the case of a secretary working or having worked in a construction company];
Bean donut making;
Finance ministry.

Attention: In certain cases, a domestic worker or a household personnel [cook, driver, guard, etc.] can be appointed to the service of high level official [minister, general manager of a public or private company] while being paid by the employer or the company that employs the official. In such case, the person is not a household personnel but a salaried employee or that employer or enterprise. For this category of personnel, write down the name of the hiring employer or enterprise.

Example 2:

For the driver of the minister of development who is part of the state personnel, write down "Ministry of Development;"
For the cook or the guard who works in the domicile of the President of the Administration Council of Benin Marina Hotel and are paid by the Benin Marina Hotel, write down Benin Marina Hotel for both.
For the salaried employees of public administration and public administrative establishments, write down the name of the ministry or the establishment in which the person worked or was working.
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Example 3:

Ministry of Finance for a person working or having worked at the Ministry of Finance and the Economy;
Ministry of Agriculture for a person working or having worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, Breeding, and Fishing;
INSAE for a person working or having worked at the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Analysis;
IRD for a person working or having worked at the Institute for Research and Development.

NB: This concerns the current branch of activity for persons who have worked for at least 7 days [continuous or not] during the last 3 months preceding your visit in the household and the last branch of activity for unemployed persons who have previously worked.

Do not register vague declarations such as "Ets KINI-KINI". Insist to know what the KINI-KINI establishment's main activity is.