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Dwelling Unit Characteristics
[Questions 43-56 were asked of all households]

54. Used water evacuation mode

[] 1 Closed gutter
[] 2 Open air gutter
[] 3 Sceptic tank
[] 4 Unused well
[] 5 In the courtyard
[] 6 In nature or outside
[] 9 Other (specify) ____
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Section 4: Habitation Characteristics

This section gives information on the characteristics of the household's lodging.

In the case where a more than one questionnaire is used for the household, the answers to the questions on the habitation's characteristics shall only be noted on form number 1 used for the household.

54. [Main] mode of used water evacuation

The modality codes for this variable are:

[] 1. Closed gutter
[] 2. Open air gutter
[] 3. Sceptic put/sump
[] 4. Lost well
[] 5. In the courtyard
[] 6. In nature/outside
[] 9. Other [specify]

Q: "Where do you throw your dirty water?"
Circle the code corresponding to the modality of the declared answer.