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For all persons
[Questions in columns 1 to 11 were asked of all persons]

Now we would like to ask for information on you and the persons habitually living in your household or currently residing in your home

Female residents of 10 or more of age
[Questions in columns 24-27 were asked of female residents age 10 years old or more]

(25) Living children

How many living children do you currently have? Write down the declared number according to gender in the appropriate boxes.

_ _ Male
_ _ Female
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v) Sociocultural characteristics

vi) Fertility data
Columns (24) to (27) only apply to female residents of 10 years or more of age (To this effect, verify with column 4 for gender and 6 for age). For women younger than 10, and males, these columns do not apply. For these persons, the agent shall not report anything in the boxes.

Column (25): Total number of currently living children
The census agent shall ask the question: "Of these births, how many boys are still alive? And how many girls are still alive?" Report the total number of living boys in the grid marked with "M" for male and the number of living girls in the grid marked with "F" for female.
Example: For a resident female of 10 or more years of age who gave birth to 2 boys and 4 girls, write down the following in the boxes.
M= 0 2
F = 0 4