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Persons of 10 years or more of age

[Questions in columns 17 - 21 were asked of persons age 10 or older.]

(21) Branch of activity ____

Mark down the type of the activity of the establishment in which the interviewee works or the work that the interviewee does interpedently. This column is not applicable for persons younger than 10. For these persons, write in 8 8 8 in the grid.
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II. How to fill out the questionnaire (Document RGPH 2 Number 1).

Columns (17) to (21): These columns are only for persons older than 10 i.e. born before February 1982.

Column (21): Branch of economic activity
This column is for persons of 10 years or more of age who have worked during the reference period.
Write down legibly what the interviewee's firm or employer primarily does.
For example:

"Education" for a physician or a typist working in a school.
This column shall also be filled for the unemployed. In this case, determine the branch of activity of the last employment held before the reference period.
"Health" for a physician, typist, or driver working in a public or private health institution.
"Banking" for a typist working in the banking sector.
"Education" for teachers, supervisors, and professors.
"Public administration" for those working in the public sector.
"National defense" for the military or non-military personnel of the armed forces.
"Domestic services: for a boy [page], a maid, or a guard employed by a private individual.

Note: A person working at the "BĂ©ninoise" or its repositories [stores] shall have the mention "BREWERY," while a person engaged in sales in an independent store shall be classified under the rubric "Commerce."
It is possible to encounter establishments that engage in several activities. In such case, ask the interviewee about the activity in which he partakes.
Example: the personnel of SONICOG can be classified under "food insdustries" or "chemical industries" depending on the case. If he works in the oil mill, he is in the food industry branch and if he works at the soap factory, he is in the chemical industry branch.