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[Questions from 23 to 28 is applicable for persons aged 5 years and above]

27. Main field of Profession/work (last one week)

[] 1 Not working
[] 2 Looking for work
[] 3 Household work
[] 4 Agriculture
[] 5 Industry
[] 6 Water/Electricity/Gas
[] 7 Construction
[] 8 Transport/communication
[] 9 Hotel/restaurant
[] 10 Business
[] 11 Service
[] 12 Others

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Question 27: Field Main Activity
There are 12 alternative answers for economic activity. Fill out the appropriate oval box considering the main activity for the last one week.

Question 27: Field of Main Activity: Some body may have multiple field of activity. In this case ask the respondent which one he likes as field of main activity. For the convenience of collecting information consider maximum time of engagement for the last week as follows:

i. Do not work: Those who are not yet grown up for doing work i.e. minor aged, old, student, unable to work and not willing to work.
ii. Looking for work: Those who do not work but looking for work.
iii. Household work: Those who do the household work and take care of children.
iv. Agriculture: Engaged in agriculture, forest, poultry, livestock raising, bee keeping, raising of worm, nursery and hatchery.
v. Industry: Engaged in industry and factory.
vi. Water/Electricity/Gas: Engaged in water/electricity and gas works.
vii. Construction: Engaged in construction of roads, buildings, bridges, culverts, factories etc.
viii. Transport/Communication: Engaged in mechanized or non-mechanized vehicles, transport and communication. Such as bus, truck, launch boat, rickshaw, airplane, etc.
ix. Hotel/Restaurant: Engaged in hotel or restaurant work.
x. Business: Engaged in wholesale or retail business.
xi. Service: Engaged in work like barber, washerman, advocate, doctor (self employed) house tutor etc. Persons engaged in works like commission agent will include in this categories.
xii. Others: Engaged in works other than the above categories.