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23. Main profession/work (last one month)
[] 1. Not working
[] 2. Looking for work
[] 3. Household work
[] 4. Agriculture
[] 5. Industry
[] 6. Water/Electricity/Gas
[] 7. Construction
[] 8. Transport/Communication
[] 9. Business
[] 10. Service
[] 11. Others

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23. Field of main work/occupation:

This information is to be collected for each. Someone might have more than one occupation. In this case select the field which the respondent thinks as his main occupation. Works are divided into two groups on the basis of most of the times engaged in last month, so that the data can be collected easily.

a. Economically inactive and
b. Economically active.

Those who are "economically inactive" are classified into two categories:

1. Not working: Those who are not suitable for work or old pensioner, student, disabled or unwilling to work
2. Looking for work: Those who are not working but looking for work.

"Economically active" is divided into 9 sectors:

3. House work: Those who look after sons, daughters and do family works at house. Women those who were engaged in economic activities and earned mentionable money from that work in last month, are to be shown where it is applicable.
4. Agriculture: Engaged in work of Agriculture, Forest, Livestock, Apiculture, Sericulture, Pisciculture activities.
5. Industry: Engaged in industry and factory work.
6. Water/Electricity/Gas: Engaged in works relating to water, electricity, gas etc.
7. Construction: Engaged in construction work of roads, houses, building, bridge, culvert etc.
8. Transport and Communications: Engaged in mechanized or non-mechanized (manual) transports and communication works.
9. Business: Engaged in business.
10. Service: Engaged in works of service like Barbour, laundryman, lawyer etc.
11. Others: Other than mentioned in classification 1 to 10, remaining others who are engaged in some other works.