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I. Characteristics of the dwelling for the only household or for the first household
[Questions 1-9]

[Questions 2-16 were addressed only in case of an occupied dwelling, with occupants present, per Question 1.]

II. Habitational Characteristics of the Dwelling- for each household
[Questions 10-16]

13. The drain for the flush toilet has:

[Question 13 was asked only in the case of a household with toilet, per question 12.]

[] With drainage to a public system
[] A septic tank or pit
[] Only a pit
[] Unanswered

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2. Household habitation characteristics -- for all households

In this part of the document we will know the characteristics of the part of a dwelling that a household occupies. Because of this, always, in all households we fill out this part of the Document.

13. The drain for the flush toilet has:

Here we fill out a single alternative for a response and in the case of recording the category "does not have toilet inodoro o retrete with drainage of water in the bathroom", we go to question 14 following the arrow.