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Other Characteristics
[Questions 18-19.]

18. How many children born alive have you had? Of these, how many are currently alive? How many have died?

For all women 12 years of age and older.

Verify that the total of parts (a) and (b) matches the total "number of children born alive."

[] Has not had any children born alive
Total number of children born alive ____

____ a) Number of children currently alive
____ b) Number of children deceased

[] Unanswered

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Other Characteristics

1. In this section there are two questions: number 18 and number 19. Remember that you should ask question 18 of all women who are twelve years old and older.

[p. 193]

2. Remember that the sum of the partials a) and b) should coincide with the number that corresponds to "Total number of children born alive".

[Three examples are not presented here on p.194-196.]


4. Any data that you can obtain about fertility (question number 18) you should place in the corresponding box.

In the case that, due to the absence of the person or another motive, you do not obtain any data on this topic, you will mark the box next to [Don't know].