Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BJ2002A_ACTIVITY Economic activity (in the last 3 months) P Benin 2002
BJ2013A_ACTIVITY Economic activity (last 3 months) P Benin 2013
KH1998A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Cambodia 1998
KH2004A_SECTOR Sector of employment P Cambodia 2004
KH2008A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Cambodia 2008
KH2013A_SECTOR Employment sector P Cambodia 2013
DO2002A_SECTOR Type of business P Dominican Republic 2002
EG1986A_SECTOR Employment sector P Egypt 1986
EG1996A_SECTOR Work sector P Egypt 1996
EG2006A_EMPSECT Sector P Egypt 2006
SV1992A_CLASSWK Class of worker P El Salvador 1992
SV2007A_CLASSWK Work situation in the previous week P El Salvador 2007
FR1999A_WKTY Detailed status of working population holding a job P France 1999
DE1981A_WORKOWN Ownership of place of work P Germany 1981
GH1984A_SECTOR Establishment type P Ghana 1984
GH2000A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Ghana 2000
GH2010A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Ghana 2010
HT2003A_TYPEMPL Type of employer P Haiti 2003
HN1961A_CLASSWK Class of work P Honduras 1961
HN1988A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Honduras 1988
HN2001A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Honduras 2001
HU1970A_SECTOR Sector P Hungary 1970
HU1980A_EMPSECT Sector P Hungary 1980
HU1990A_SECTOR Employer's sector P Hungary 1990
HU2011A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Hungary 2011
IN1993A_EMPNATUR Sector of employer P India 1993
IN1999A_TYPEENT Enterprise type of principal activity P India 1999
IN2004A_WKTYPE Enterprise type P India 2004
IR2011A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Iran 2011
IQ1997A_SECTOR Sector of employment P Iraq 1997
JO2004A_WKSECT Type of establishment in which the person works P Jordan 2004
KE2009A_EMPSECT Main employer P Kenya 2009
LS1996A_SECTOR Employer P Lesotho 1996
LS2006A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Lesotho 2006
MY2000A_OCCSECT Occupation sector P Malaysia 2000
MA2004A_CLASSWK Work status P Morocco 2004
MZ1997A_SECTOR Sector P Mozambique 1997
MZ2007A_SECTOR Sector P Mozambique 2007
NG2006A_INDSECTR Industrial sector P Nigeria 2006
NG2007A_SECTORP Industry sector P Nigeria 2007
NG2008A_SECTORP Industry sector P Nigeria 2008
NG2009A_SECTORP Sector of the primary job P Nigeria 2009
NG2010A_SECTOR Sector of main occupation P Nigeria 2010
PS1997A_SECTOR Sector P Palestine 1997
PS2007A_SECTOR Sector P Palestine 2007
PA1970A_EMPSTAT2 Class of worker P Panama 1970
PA1980A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Panama 1980
PA1990A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Panama 1990
PA2000A_OCCCAT1 Occupational category P Panama 2000
PG1980A_EMPSECT Type of employer P Papua New Guinea 1980
PY2002A_WKSECTOR Work sector P Paraguay 2002
PH1995A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Philippines 1995
PH2000A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Philippines 2000
PH2010A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Philippines 2010
RO1977A_SECTOR Socio-economic sector of supporter P Romania 1977
RO2002A_WKOWN Ownership structure of working place P Romania 2002
RW2002A_ECONSECT Sector of economic activity P Rwanda 2002
RW2012A_WKSECTOR Sector of employment P Rwanda 2012
LC1980A_SECTOR Occupational status P Saint Lucia 1980
TT1970A_CLASWK Class of worker (past 12 months) P Trinidad and Tobago 1970
TT1980A_SECTOR Employment sector P Trinidad and Tobago 1980
TT1990A_CLASSWK Type of worker P Trinidad and Tobago 1990
TT2000A_CLASSWK Class of work P Trinidad and Tobago 2000
TT2011A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Trinidad and Tobago 2011
US2015A_CLASSWKR Class of worker last week P United States 2015
UY1963A_INDTYPE Industry type P Uruguay 1963
UY1975A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Uruguay 1975
UY1985A_CLASSWK Class of worker P Uruguay 1985
UY1996A_CLASSWK Employment type P Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_CLASSWK Type of employment P Uruguay 2006
VE2001A_EMPSECT Employment sector P Venezuela 2001
VN1989A_SECTOR Economic sector P Vietnam 1989
VN1999A_EMPLOYER Employer P Vietnam 1999
VN2009A_SECTOR Economic sector of work organization P Vietnam 2009