Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AT1971A_EMPSTL Activity status (livelihood concept) P Austria 1971
AT1981A_EMPSTL Activity status (livelihood concept) P Austria 1981
AT1991A_EMPSTL Activity status (livelihood concept) P Austria 1991
AT2001A_EMPST Activity status (labor force concept) P Austria 2001
AT2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Austria 2011
BY1999A_WORK Did person have a job or business? P Belarus 1999
BY1999A_LOOKING Did person look for a job? P Belarus 1999
BY1999A_WHYNOT Reason for not looking for a job P Belarus 1999
BY2009A_EMPLOY Employment during the week before the census P Belarus 2009
BY2009A_SEEKWORK Search for employment during the previous month P Belarus 2009
BY2009A_WHYNOWK Reason for not seeking employment P Belarus 2009
FI2010A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Finland 2010
FR1962A_EMPSTAT Type of activity P France 1962
FR1968A_UNEMP Unemployment duration P France 1968
FR1968A_EMPSTAT Employment status P France 1968
FR1975A_EMPSTAT Employment status P France 1975
FR1975A_DURUNEMP Duration of unemployment P France 1975
FR1982A_EMPSTAT Type of activity P France 1982
FR1990A_EMPSTAT Employment status P France 1990
FR1999A_EMPSTAT Type of employment activity P France 1999
FR1999A_OCCTY Socio-professional category P France 1999
FR2006A_SOCIO24 Socio-professional category (2-digit) P France 2006
FR2006A_ACTIVTY Type of activity P France 2006
FR2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P France 2011
DE1970A_ECON Economically active P Germany 1970
DE1970A_UNEMP Unemployed / seeking work P Germany 1970
DE1987A_EMPSTAT Employment indicator P Germany 1987
GR1971A_EMPSTAT Employment status previous week P Greece 1971
GR1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Greece 1981
GR1991A_EMPSTAT Occupation during the previous week P Greece 1991
GR2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status last week P Greece 2001
GR2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status during last week P Greece 2011
HU1990A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Hungary 1990
HU2001A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Hungary 2001
HU2011A_EMPSTAT Current activity status P Hungary 2011
IE1971A_CLASSWK Class of worker, employment status P Ireland 1971
IE1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1981
IE1986A_EMPSTAT Present status P Ireland 1986
IE1991A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1991
IE1996A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1996
IE2002A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2002
IE2006A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2006
IE2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2011
IE2016A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2016
IT2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Italy 2001
IT2001A_WORKED Worked one or more hours of paid work, or as contributing family worker P Italy 2001
IT2001A_WORKEDOCT Worked during the week of 14 to 20 October P Italy 2001
IT2011A_ACTIVITY Employment status last week P Italy 2011
IT2011A_WORK Worked at least 1 hour last week P Italy 2011
IT2011A_WKABS Absent from job last week P Italy 2011
NL2001A_CLASSWK Economic status P Netherlands 2001
NL2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Netherlands 2011
PL2002A_ACTIVITY Economic activity P Poland 2002
PT1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 1981
PT1991A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 1991
PT2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 2001
PT2011A_EMPSTAT Current activity status P Portugal 2011
RO1992A_EMPSTAT Economic status in reference week P Romania 1992
RO2002A_EMPSTAT Employment status in week of census P Romania 2002
RO2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Romania 2011
RU2002A_WORK Worked last week P Russia 2002
RU2002A_WKLOOK Job search P Russia 2002
RU2010A_WORK Worked last week P Russia 2010
RU2010A_WKLOOK Looking for work P Russia 2010
SK1991A_EMPSTAT Economic activity status P Slovakia 1991
SK2001A_EMPSTAT Economic activity status P Slovakia 2001
SK2011A_EMPSTAT Economic activity status P Slovakia 2011
SI2002A_EMPSTAT Economic activity status P Slovenia 2002
ES1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Spain 1981
ES1991A_EMPSTAT1 Work relationship 1 P Spain 1991
ES2001A_EMP1 Employment situation last week (first response) P Spain 2001
ES2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Spain 2011
CH1970A_EMPSTAT Labour force status P Switzerland 1970
CH1980A_LABFORCE Labour force status P Switzerland 1980
CH1990A_LABFORCE Labour force status P Switzerland 1990
CH2000A_LABFORCE Labour force status P Switzerland 2000
CH2011A_EMPSTATAGG3 Labor market status P Switzerland 2011
UA2001A_INCSRC Source of livelihood P Ukraine 2001
UK1991A_EMPSTATP Economic position (primary) P United Kingdom 1991
UK2001A_EMPSTAT Economic activity (last week) P United Kingdom 2001