Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BJ1979A_ACTIVITY Type of activity (last month) P Benin 1979
BW2001A_EMPSTAT Economic activity since Independence Day 2000 P Botswana 2001
BW2011A_EMPIND Employment status since Independence Day 2010 P Botswana 2011
BR1970A_ACTIVITY Employment situation P Brazil 1970
BR1980A_EMPSTAT Current activity P Brazil 1980
BR1991A_OCCUCOND Condition of activities P Brazil 1991
BF1985A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Burkina Faso 1985
CM1976A_EMPSTAT Activity situation P Cameroon 1976
CM1987A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Cameroon 1987
CM2005A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Cameroon 2005
CL1982A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Chile 1982
CL1992A_EMPSTAT Employment status in previous week P Chile 1992
CL2002A_EMPSTAT Employment status last week P Chile 2002
CN1990A_UNEMPST Non-employment status P China 1990
CO1993A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Colombia 1993
CO2005A_EMPSTAT Type of work that he/she did last week P Colombia 2005
CU2002A_EMPSTAT Job status P Cuba 2002
DO1970A_ECONACT Economic activity P Dominican Republic 1970
DO2002A_ACTIVITY Main activity of person not in work P Dominican Republic 2002
DO2010A_EMPSTAT Economic activity of individual P Dominican Republic 2010
EC1990A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ecuador 1990
EC2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ecuador 2001
EC2010A_EMPSTAT2 Labor force status P Ecuador 2010
EG1986A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Egypt 1986
EG1996A_EMPSTAT Work status P Egypt 1996
EG2006A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Egypt 2006
SV1992A_EMPSTAT Employment status P El Salvador 1992
SV2007A_WHYNOT Reason did not work the previous week P El Salvador 2007
ET1984A_WHYNOWK Reason for not working P Ethiopia 1984
ET1994A_WHYNOWORK Reason for not working (last 12 months) P Ethiopia 1994
ET2007A_WKAVAIL Available to work next month P Ethiopia 2007
FJ1976A_EMPSTAT Employment status in past week P Fiji 1976
FJ1986A_EMPSTAT Type of activity last week P Fiji 1986
FJ1996A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Fiji 1996
FJ2007A_WKLASTWK Person did any work last week P Fiji 2007
FJ2007A_NONACTIV Reason not looking for work P Fiji 2007
FJ2014A_WKREAS Reason for not looking for work P Fiji 2014
GH1984A_EMPSTAT Activity during past week P Ghana 1984
GH2000A_EMPSTAT Unemployment status P Ghana 2000
GH2010A_WHYNOWK Reason for not seeking work P Ghana 2010
GN1983A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Guinea 1983
HT1982A_EMPSTAT Type of work (last 12 months) P Haiti 1982
HT2003A_EMPLSTAT Terms of occupation P Haiti 2003
HN1961A_EMPSTAT Economic activity in the reference year P Honduras 1961
HN1974A_ACTIVITY Economic activity in the previous week P Honduras 1974
HN1988A_ACTIVITY Economic activity in the last week P Honduras 1988
HN2001A_ACTIVITY Activity last week P Honduras 2001
ID1980A_REASNOWK Primary reason for not seeking work during the previous week P Indonesia 1980
ID1985A_ACTIVITY Primary activity last week P Indonesia 1985
ID1990A_REASLOOK Main reason for not looking for work during the previous week P Indonesia 1990
ID1995A_REASNOWK Primary reason for not seeking work P Indonesia 1995
IE1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1981
IE1986A_EMPSTAT Present status P Ireland 1986
IE1991A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1991
IE1996A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 1996
IE2002A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2002
IE2006A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2006
IE2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2011
IE2016A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Ireland 2016
IT2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Italy 2001
JM1982A_ACTIVYR Main activity during the past 12 months P Jamaica 1982
JM1991A_EMPSTAT Main activity during past 12 months P Jamaica 1991
JM2001A_ACTIVYR Activity last 12 months P Jamaica 2001
JO2004A_EMPSTAT Economic situation P Jordan 2004
KE1989A_EMPSTAT Activity status P Kenya 1989
KE1999A_CLASSWKR Class of worker P Kenya 1999
KE2009A_EMPSTAT Economic activity in the last 7 days P Kenya 2009
KG2009A_NOWKREAS Reason not looking for work P Kyrgyzstan 2009
LS1996A_ACTIVITY Employment status last week P Lesotho 1996
LS2006A_ACTIVITY Economic activity in the last week P Lesotho 2006
LR2008A_EMPSTAT Activity status P Liberia 2008
MY1991A_WHYNOT Reason not seeking job P Malaysia 1991
MY2000A_WHYNOT Reasons not seeking work P Malaysia 2000
MU1990A_WKAVAIL Available for work last week P Mauritius 1990
MU2000A_WKAVAIL Available for work during past week P Mauritius 2000
MU2011A_WKREAS Reason not working P Mauritius 2011
MX1990A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Mexico 1990
MX1995A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Mexico 1995
MX2000A_ECONACT Economic activity status P Mexico 2000
MX2010A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Mexico 2010
MX2015A_EMPSTAT Employment status last week P Mexico 2015
MX2020A_EMPSTAT Employment status last week P Mexico 2020
MN2000A_EMPLOYED Current employment P Mongolia 2000
MN2000A_UNEMP Reason for not working P Mongolia 2000
MA1982A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Morocco 1982
MA1994A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Morocco 1994
MA2004A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Morocco 2004
MZ1997A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Mozambique 1997
MZ2007A_EMPSTAT Economic activity P Mozambique 2007
MM2014A_ACTIVITY Activity status P Myanmar 2014
NP2001A_WKREASON Reason for not usually doing economic work during last 12 months P Nepal 2001
NP2011A_INACTIVE Reason for economic inactivity in past 12 months P Nepal 2011
NI1995A_EMPSTAT Work status last week P Nicaragua 1995
NI2005A_NONWORK Activity performed last week (inactive persons) P Nicaragua 2005
PS2017A_ACTIVITY Activity status P Palestine 2017
PA1980A_WHYNOT Reason for not looking for work last week P Panama 1980
PA2010A_WHYNOT Reason for not looking for work P Panama 2010
PG1990A_ACTIVITY Economic activity last week P Papua New Guinea 1990
PG2000A_ACTIVITY Economic activity (past 7 days) P Papua New Guinea 2000
PY1972A_EMPSTAT Economic activity last week P Paraguay 1972
PY1982A_EMPSTAT Economic activity during last week P Paraguay 1982
PE2007A_LASTNOWK Activity last week if not working P Peru 2007
PT1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 1981
PT1991A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 1991
PT2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Portugal 2001
PT2011A_EMPSTAT Current activity status P Portugal 2011
LC1980A_EMPSTATYR Main activity during the past 12 months P Saint Lucia 1980
LC1991A_EMPSTAT Activity last week P Saint Lucia 1991
ZA1996A_ECONACTT Employment status P South Africa 1996
ZA2007A_WKWHYNOT Reason not working P South Africa 2007
ZA2011A_REASNOWK Reasons for not working in the last 7 days P South Africa 2011
SS2008A_EMPSTAT Activity status P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_REASON Reason for economic inactivity P South Sudan 2008
ES1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Spain 1981
ES1991A_EMPSTAT1 Work relationship 1 P Spain 1991
ES2001A_EMP1 Employment situation last week (first response) P Spain 2001
ES2011A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Spain 2011
SD2008A_EMPSTAT Activity status P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_REASON Reason for economic inactivity P Sudan 2008
SR2012A_ACTIVITY Activity status P Suriname 2012
TZ1988A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Tanzania 1988
TH1970A_WORKREAS Reason for not working P Thailand 1970
TH1980A_WRKREASN Reason for not working P Thailand 1980
TH1990A_REASWORK Reason for not working P Thailand 1990
TH2000A_REASWORK Reason for no availability for work P Thailand 2000
TT1970A_EMPSTAT Economic situtation during the past week P Trinidad and Tobago 1970
TT1980A_EMPSTATYR Employment status, past 12 months P Trinidad and Tobago 1980
TT1990A_EMPSTATYR Main activity during the past twelve months P Trinidad and Tobago 1990
TT2000A_EMPSTATYR Economic activity last year P Trinidad and Tobago 2000
TT2011A_EMPSTATYR Economic activity during last year P Trinidad and Tobago 2011
UG1991A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Uganda 1991
UK1991A_EMPSTATP Economic position (primary) P United Kingdom 1991
UK2001A_EMPSTAT Economic activity (last week) P United Kingdom 2001
VE1971A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Venezuela 1971
VE1981A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Venezuela 1981
VE1990A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_EMPSTAT Employment status P Venezuela 2001
VN1989A_ECONACT Usual activity in last 12 months P Vietnam 1989
VN1999A_ECONACT Main activity last 12 months P Vietnam 1999
VN2009A_EMP1 Income from employment P Vietnam 2009
VN2009A_REASUE Reason did not look for work P Vietnam 2009