Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AR1980A_CITIZ Citizenship P Argentina 1980
AM2001A_ETHNIC Ethnicity P Armenia 2001
AM2011A_NATION1 First country of citizenship P Armenia 2011
AM2011A_NATION2 Second country of citizenship P Armenia 2011
AT1971A_CITIZ Citizenship P Austria 1971
AT1981A_CITIZ Citizenship P Austria 1981
AT1991A_CITIZ Citizenship P Austria 1991
AT2001A_CITIZ Citizenship P Austria 2001
AT2011A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Austria 2011
BD1991A_NATION Nationality P Bangladesh 1991
BY1999A_CITIZ Citizenship P Belarus 1999
BY2009A_CITIZ Country of citizenship P Belarus 2009
BJ1979A_NATION Ethnicity or nationality P Benin 1979
BJ1992A_NATION Nationality P Benin 1992
BJ2002A_NATION Nationality P Benin 2002
BJ2013A_ETHNIC Ethnicity or nationality P Benin 2013
BW1981A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Botswana 1981
BW1991A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Botswana 1991
BW2001A_CITIZEN Citizen P Botswana 2001
BW2011A_CITIZENBW Citizenship, Botswana and Non-Botswana P Botswana 2011
BR2010A_NATION Nationality P Brazil 2010
BF1996A_NATION Nationality P Burkina Faso 1996
BF2006A_NATION Nationality P Burkina Faso 2006
CM1976A_NATION Nationality P Cameroon 1976
CM2005A_BPLCTRY Country of birth P Cameroon 2005
CA1971A_CITIZ Country of citizenship P Canada 1971
CA1981A_CITIZ Country of Citizenship P Canada 1981
CA1991A_CITIZ Citizenship P Canada 1991
CA2001A_CITIZENP Citizenship P Canada 2001
CA2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Canada 2011
CR1963A_NATIONAL Nationality P Costa Rica 1963
CR1973A_NATIONAL Citizenship P Costa Rica 1973
CR1984A_NATIONAL Citizenship P Costa Rica 1984
CR2000A_NATION Citizenship P Costa Rica 2000
CI1988A_ETHNIC Nationality or ethnicity P Côte d'Ivoire 1988
CI1998A_ETHNIC Ethnicity P Côte d'Ivoire 1998
EC2010A_CIVREG Civil registration P Ecuador 2010
EG1986A_NATION Nationality P Egypt 1986
EG1996A_NATION Nationality P Egypt 1996
EG2006A_NATIONG Nationality P Egypt 2006
FJ2007A_RESSTAT Residency status P Fiji 2007
FJ2014A_CITIZEN Fiji citizenship P Fiji 2014
FR1962A_SCITIZ SAPHIR citizenship P France 1962
FR1968A_SCITIZEN SAPHIR citizenship P France 1968
FR1975A_SCITIZ SAPHIR citizenship P France 1975
FR1982A_SCITIZEN SAPHIR citizenship P France 1982
FR1990A_SCITIZEN Saphir citizenship P France 1990
FR1999A_FRENCH Nationality P France 1999
FR2006A_NATION Nationality P France 2006
FR2011A_FRENCH Nationality P France 2011
DE1970A_GERMAN German P Germany 1970
DE1987A_CITIZ Citizenship P Germany 1987
GH1984A_NATION Nationality of individual P Ghana 1984
GH2000A_NATION Nationality P Ghana 2000
GH2010A_NATION Nationality P Ghana 2010
GR1971A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Greece 1971
GR1981A_CITIZ Country of citizenship P Greece 1981
GR2001A_CITIZ Citizenship status P Greece 2001
GR2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Greece 2011
GT1964A_NATION Nationality P Guatemala 1964
GN1983A_NATION Nationality P Guinea 1983
GN1996A_NATION Nationality P Guinea 1996
HT1971A_NATION Nationality P Haiti 1971
HN1961A_NATION Nationality P Honduras 1961
HN1974A_NATION Nationality P Honduras 1974
HU2001A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Hungary 2001
HU2011A_CITIZ Citizenship P Hungary 2011
ID1971A_CITIZ Citizenship P Indonesia 1971
ID1980A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Indonesia 1980
ID1985A_CITIZ Citizenship P Indonesia 1985
ID1990A_CITIZ Nationality P Indonesia 1990
ID1995A_CITIZ Citizenship P Indonesia 1995
ID2000A_NATION Nationality P Indonesia 2000
ID2010A_FOREIGN Country of citizenship P Indonesia 2010
IR2006A_CITIZ Citizenship P Iran 2006
IQ1997A_NATION Nationality P Iraq 1997
IE2002A_NATION Nationality P Ireland 2002
IE2006A_NATION Nationality P Ireland 2006
IE2011A_NATION Nationality P Ireland 2011
IE2016A_NATION Nationality P Ireland 2016
IT2001A_CITIZ Citizenship P Italy 2001
IT2001A_ITALARRIV Year moved to Italy P Italy 2001
IT2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Italy 2011
JO2004A_NATION Nationality P Jordan 2004
KG1999A_CITIZ Citizenship P Kyrgyzstan 1999
KG2009A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Kyrgyzstan 2009
LA1995A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Laos 1995
LA2005A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Laos 2005
LA2015A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Laos 2015
LS1996A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Lesotho 1996
LS2006A_CITIZEN Citzenship P Lesotho 2006
LR1974A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Liberia 1974
LR2008A_NATION Citizenship P Liberia 2008
MW1998A_NATIVITY Country of origin P Malawi 1998
MW2008A_MALAWI Malawian P Malawi 2008
MY1970A_CITIZM Citizenship P Malaysia 1970
MY1980A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Malaysia 1980
MY1991A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Malaysia 1991
MY2000A_CITIZEN1 Citizenship P Malaysia 2000
ML1987A_NATION Nationality P Mali 1987
ML1998A_NATION Nationality P Mali 1998
ML2009A_NATION Nationality P Mali 2009
MU1990A_CITIZEN Mauritian citizenship P Mauritius 1990
MU2000A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Mauritius 2000
MU2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Mauritius 2011
MX1960A_NATION Nationality P Mexico 1960
MX2015A_CITIZEN Has the Mexican nationality P Mexico 2015
MX2020A_CITIZEN Has the Mexican nationality P Mexico 2020
MN1989A_CITIZ Citizenship P Mongolia 1989
MN2000A_CITIZ Citizenship P Mongolia 2000
MA1982A_NATION Country of citizenship P Morocco 1982
MA1994A_NATION Country of citizenship P Morocco 1994
MA2004A_NATION Country of citizenship (nationality) P Morocco 2004
MA2014A_NATION Nationality P Morocco 2014
MZ1997A_NATION Nationality P Mozambique 1997
MZ2007A_NATION Nationality P Mozambique 2007
NP2001A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Nepal 2001
NP2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Nepal 2011
NL1971A_CITIZ Country of citizenship P Netherlands 1971
NL2001A_CITZ Country of citizenship P Netherlands 2001
PK1998A_NATION Nationality P Pakistan 1998
PS1997A_NATION Original nationality P Palestine 1997
PS2007A_NATION Nationality P Palestine 2007
PG1990A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Papua New Guinea 1990
PY2002A_IDCARD Identity card P Paraguay 2002
PH1990A_CITIZ Country of citizenship P Philippines 1990
PH2010A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Philippines 2010
PL2002A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Poland 2002
PL2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Poland 2011
PT1981A_CITIZ Citizenship P Portugal 1981
PT1991A_CITIZ Citizenship P Portugal 1991
PT2001A_CITIZ Citizenship P Portugal 2001
PT2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Portugal 2011
PR1980A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 1980
PR1990A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 1990
PR2000A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 2000
PR2005A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 2005
PR2010A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 2010
PR2015A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 2015
PR2020A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Puerto Rico 2020
RO2002A_CITIZ Citizenship P Romania 2002
RO2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Romania 2011
RU2002A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Russia 2002
RU2010A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P Russia 2010
RW1991A_ETHNIC Nationality/country of citizenship/ethnicity P Rwanda 1991
RW2002A_NATION Nationality/country of citizenship P Rwanda 2002
SN1988A_ETHNIC1 Ethnic group or nationality P Senegal 1988
SN2002A_ETHNIC Ethnic group or nationality P Senegal 2002
SL2004A_ETHNIC Ethnicity/nationality P Sierra Leone 2004
SL2015A_NATION Nationality P Sierra Leone 2015
SK1991A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Slovakia 1991
SK2001A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Slovakia 2001
SK2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Slovakia 2011
SI2002A_CITIZ Citizenship P Slovenia 2002
ZA1996A_CITIZSA Citizen of South Africa P South Africa 1996
ZA2001A_CITIZGR Citizenship (grouped) P South Africa 2001
ZA2011A_CITIZEN Citizenship P South Africa 2011
ZA2016A_CITIZEN South African citizenship P South Africa 2016
ES1991A_NATIV Nationality P Spain 1991
ES2001A_NATION Country of nationality P Spain 2001
ES2011A_NATION Nationality P Spain 2011
SD2008A_NATION Nationality P Sudan 2008
SR2004A_NATION Nationality P Suriname 2004
SR2012A_NATION Nationality P Suriname 2012
CH1970A_CITIZ Citizenship P Switzerland 1970
CH1980A_CITIZ Citizenship P Switzerland 1980
CH1990A_CITIZ Citizenship P Switzerland 1990
CH2000A_CITIZ Citizenship P Switzerland 2000
CH2011A_NATION Nationality at birth and today P Switzerland 2011
TZ1988A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Tanzania 1988
TZ2002A_CITIZ Citizenship P Tanzania 2002
TZ2012A_TANZN Citizenship status P Tanzania 2012
TH2000A_NATION Nationality P Thailand 2000
TG1960A_NATION Nationality P Togo 1960
TR1985A_NATION Nationality P Turkey 1985
TR1990A_NATION Nationality P Turkey 1990
TR2000A_NATION Nationality P Turkey 2000
UG1991A_ETHNIC Ethnic group or citizenship P Uganda 1991
UG2002A_ETHNIC Ethnicity/nationality P Uganda 2002
UG2014A_ETHNIC Ethnicity or nationality P Uganda 2014
US1980A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 1980
US1990A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 1990
US2000A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 2000
US2005A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 2005
US2010A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 2010
US2015A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 2015
US2020A_CITIZEN Citizenship status P United States 2020
UY1963A_NATION Nationality P Uruguay 1963
VE1971A_NATION Nationality P Venezuela 1971
VE1981A_NATIONAL Nationality P Venezuela 1981
VE1990A_NATION Nationality P Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_NATION Nationality P Venezuela 2001
ZM1990A_CITIZEN Country of citizenship P Zambia 1990
ZM2000A_NATION Citizenship P Zambia 2000
ZM2010A_NATION Nationality P Zambia 2010
ZW2012A_CITIZEN Citizenship P Zimbabwe 2012