Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
DO1981A_CONSTYR Year of construction H Dominican Republic 1981
DE1987A_YRBUILT Year of construction of building H Germany 1987
IR2006A_YRBUILT Year the construction of the housing unit was completed H Iran 2006
JO2004A_CONYR Year of laying foundation of the building H Jordan 2004
MY1991A_LQAGE Living quarter's age H Malaysia 1991
NP2011A_DWAGE Age of house in years H Nepal 2011
PA1980A_YRCON Year of construction H Panama 1980
PL2002A_BLTYEAR Period of the building construction H Poland 2002
RO1977A_CONYR Construction year H Romania 1977
RO2002A_BLDAGE Age of building H Romania 2002
RO2011A_STRAGE Age of building structure H Romania 2011
ES2001A_CONSTYR2 Year of construction, since 1990 H Spain 2001
ES2011A_CONSTYR Year of construction H Spain 2011
SR2012A_BLTYEAR Building year H Suriname 2012
US2015A_BUILTYR2 Age of structure, decade H United States 2015
VN1999A_YRBUILT Year of construction before 1976 H Vietnam 1999
VN1999A_YRBUILT2 Year of construction H Vietnam 1999
VN2009A_BEGINYR Year the dwelling started to be used H Vietnam 2009