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17. If the respondent was born before April 1994 (15 years or older), [go to] Q 18; otherwise, ask the next [person]
[Questions 18-30 were asked of persons aged 15 years and over]

30. If Q28 = 2: Why didn't you look for work?
If Q29 = 2: Why weren't you available for work?

[Question 30 was asked of persons age 15 or older who did not work nor receive a wage/salary without working during the previous 7 days, who did not have a job to return to during the following 30 days, and who did not look for work during the previous 30 days or weren't available for work during the previous 7 days, as per questions 20-22, 28, 29]
[] 1 No suitable work / don't know where
[] 2 Illness / personal matter / waiting for job application's result
[] 3 Bad weather / off-season
[] 4 Attending school
[] 5 Housework
[] 6 Disabled
[] 7 Not willing to work
[] 8 Other (specify) ____

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Questions from 20 to 30: These are questions on work during the last 7 days for persons of 15 years old or more. Thus, in order to collect exact information, the enumerator must have direct interviews with these persons.

Question 30
This question is only asked of persons who marked (x) in the small box next to code "2" in Question 28 or marked (x) in the small box next to code "2" in Question 29.

If the respondent answers "No" to Question 28 (marked (x) in the small box next to code "2"), the enumerator asks: "Why didn't you look for work?"
If respondent answers "No" to Question 29 (marked (x) in the small box next to code "2"), the enumerator asks: "Why weren't you available for work?"

The choices for the main reason of a person not looking for work or not available for work are:

No suitable work / don't know where: are persons who believe that even if they look for work, there would be no work suitable to their career, or they do not know where they can find work.

Illness / personal matter / wait for job application's result: are persons who are ill, are busy with own tasks, such as: taking care of an ill person, looking after the aged, having a newborn baby, in a period of mourning, busy with a wedding ceremony, etc., or who have gone to sit for interviews to ask for a job and are waiting for interview results. This also includes persons who have received a new job and will start that job in the future, but the starting date is over 30 days from the interview day.

Bad weather / off-season: are persons who are temporarily absent from work because of bad weather/off-season, and the temporarily absent time duration is over 30 days since the interview day.

Attending school: are persons who did not work because they were going to school (general education schools, vocational schools, vocational training schools, colleges, universities or other schools).

Housework: are persons who spent most of their time doing household work for their family and did not receive any payment. Note: Persons who do household work for other families to earn money are counted as "working".

Disabled: are persons who had health problems and/or mental issues and are therefore unable to work, such as being physically disabled, long-term illness, etc.


Not willing to work: are persons not wanting to work because they have another living source such as: retired pension, taken care by relatives or society, etc.

Other: are persons who gave reasons for "not looking for work" and for being "not available for work" other from those described above.