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(III) Occupational characteristics (for people age 12 or older)

15. Of the following types of activities, what did you do last week?

Ask them in the order indicated and when you get an affirmative answer, mark the corresponding box.

Box 11 should be marked when a remunerated activity has been done or when it is a non-remunerated family worker who worked more than 15 hours last week.


[] 11 You worked
[] 12 You did not work because of leave, sickness, or strike but you have employment
[] 21 You did not work because of being suspended, on maternity leave or because of being a harvest or seasonal worker
[] 22 You looked for work having worked before


[] 31 You looked for work for the first time
[] 41 You are retired/ pensioned and did not work
[] 42 You are a rentier and did not work
[] 43 You studied and did not work
[] 44 You took care of the home only
[] 45 Other (specify) ____
[] 99 Not known

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G. Information of the people
169. Once the Section "F. Information of the home" is finished, you should ask the population questions to each one of the people who you are to enumerate.

When possible, you should try to make each person provide you with their own information. Only in the case of a person who is absent at the time of your visit, or if it concerns children, will you receive their information from a third party.

In each home, you will enumerate all people who slept in it the night before the "Day of the Census" or who, being absent this night for reasons of work, return to the home during the day. In such form, a doctor who did not sleep in his/her house because of being on guard in a hospital will be enumerated in their home. On the contrary, a traveler who spent many days away from their home will be enumerated in the place slept in during the night before the "Day of the Census."

III. Occupational characteristics
[Persons age 12 or older]

252. With the questions from this chapter, we look to quantify the active population and determine what the activities that are done are.

253. For question no. 15 "Of the following types of activities, which did you do last week?", you should read the list of possible answers, one by one and in the order that is presented in the Census document, waiting for an affirmative answer. When you get it, mark the corresponding box with an "X", and do not read the following alternatives.

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As you will observe, the series of possible answers is divided into two parts: A and B.

If a person being enumerated answers part A, you will ask the following questions from the chapter. On the contrary, if a person answers part B, you will not ask the rest of the questions from chapter III; cross them out with a diagonal line and go to chapter IV.

Taking into account the previous instructions, if a person answers within part A of question no. 15 you should ask questions no. 16, 17, and 18.

Mrs. de Gonzáles (28 years old) answers that during last week she only took care of the home. (Part B). Looking at the Census document, indicate what you should do to the following:

  • Cross out questions no. 16, 17 and 18 and go to chapter IV.

A young woman of 14 years answers affirmatively to the question "Did you study and not work?" What will you do in this case?
  • Cross out questions no. 16, 17 and 18 and go to chapter IV.

Mrs. De González says that last week, along with habitual duties of the home, she knit a sweater for her husband. What should you do?
  • Mark "Took care of the home only" for question no. 15, crossing out questions no. 16, 17 and 18 and going to chapter IV.

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259. Remember that all jobs that are done in a home for the use of its members or for gifts to other people should be considered "Duties of the home".