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A. Geographic location

1. Department ____

2. Region no. ____

3. Judicial section no. ____

4. Segment no. ____

5. Zone no. ____

A. [Is it ...?]

[] 1 Urban
[] 2 Suburban
[] 3 Rural

B. Divided into blocks:

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

6. Dwelling type
[] 1 Private home
[] 2 Collective

7. Populated nucleus
____ Name
____ Category (write down if it is a city, village, town etc.)

8. Address

____ Street
____ No.
____ Floor no.
____ Apt. no.

Rural: ________

9. Control sheet line no. ____
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Organization of the enumeration

12. With the goal of facilitating the coordination of multiple operations aiding an ordered and fast execution of the enumeration of the whole territory of the republic, and of assuring the unity of directions and control, a private territorial subdivision has been established in each one of the 19 departments. Every department, then, is divided into census regions and these in census sections.

At the same time, the census sections are divided into census segments and, finally, these into census zones.

13. When setting the limits of all these integrated parts of the territorial subdivision of the country, both the existing facilities of communication between them, as well as the distribution of diverse sizes and the existing economic and social interrelations between them, have been taken into account.

14. Census region - Within each department, census regions have been established which are made up of the grouping of two or more judicial sections, in virtue of the large or small grade in which they are seen inside, that constitute an area that can be easily organized and supervised.

15. Census section - It is one of the integrated units of a census region and corresponds, exactly, to the territorial area of a judicial section which is one of the traditional departmental subdivisions of the country. It is advisable to point out that within the organization of the Population and Dwelling Census of 1962, the police sections will not be taken into account.

16. Census segment - It corresponds to a subdivision of the census segment which can include many of these subdivisions. In the case of more or less important cities and other localities, a census segment is not anything more than a determined group of city blocks. Nevertheless, in the country or in rural areas, the census segment constitutes a more or less large area of territory of the corresponding census section and, also, can include populated nucleuses.

17. Census zone - It is the last census subdivision of the territory of the country and corresponds to a subdivision of the census segment, so that the determined area can be enumerated with ease within one day.

18. In urban areas the census zone is made up of the group of buildings and houses on one city block. And in rural areas, the census zone is determined by physical limits easily related to the terrain and to those that can be enumerated on a single day. The rural census zones can, in specific cases, be made up of small populated nucleuses.

19. Every enumerator will be provided on the "day of the census" a map or outline of the census zone that will be enumerated, in which its outlines and borders will luckily by able to be recognized in the terrain. Also, it will be noted in the handout if it is an urban, suburban, or rural zone.