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K. Answer questions 35-40 only if this person worked in the past 5 years. Otherwise, skip to question 41.

35-40 Current or most recent job activity.
Describe clearly this person's chief job activity or business last week. If this person had more than one job, describe the one at which this person worked the most hours. If this person had no job or business last week, give information for his/her last job or business.

35. Was this person?

Mark (X) one box

[] An employee of a private for profit company or business, or of an individual, for wages, salary, or commissions?
[] An employee of a private not for profit, tax-exempt, or charitable organization?
[] A local government employee (city, county, etc.)?
[] A state government employee?
[] A Federal government employee?
[] Self-employed in own not incorporated business, professional practice, or farm?
[] Self-employed in own incorporated business, professional practice, or farm?
[] Working without pay in family business or farm?

36. For whom did this person work?

If now on active duty in the armed forces, mark (X) this box --> [] and print the branch of the Armed Forces

Name of company, business, or other employer ____

37. What kind of business or industry was this?

Describe the activity at the location where employed. (For example: hospital, newspaper publishing, mail order house, auto engine manufacturing, bank)


38. Is this mainly?

Mark (X) one box

[] Manufacturing?
[] Wholesale trade?
[] Retail trade?
[] Other (agriculture, service, government, etc.)?

39. What kind of work was this person doing?

(For example: registered nurse, personal manager, supervisor of order department, secretary, accountant)


40. What were this person's most important activities or duties?

(For example: patient care, directing hiring policies, supervising order clerks, typing and filing, reconciling financial records)