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Probable step/adopted father

Codes and Frequencies

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This variable indicates whether a person's father, as identified by father's location in the household (US50A407), was likely to have been the person's stepfather or adoptive father.
Non-zero values explain why it is probable that the person's father was a step- or adoptive father. A value of 0 indicates no likely stepfather because (1) the father identified in father's location in the household (US50A407) was probably the biological father or (2) there was no father of this person present in the household. The NAPP assumes that the father is the biological father if he is (1) the householder and reported the child to be his son/daughter, or (2) the husband of the householder, who reported the child to be her son/daughter. For the 1850 U.S. sample, this variable is based on imputed relationship (US50A423), rather than on relationship to household head (US50A421).
The following codes are included in this variable: 0 = Biological father or no father of this person present in household. 1 = Age difference between father and child was less than 14 years. 2 = Link was established only because the father was married to the mother (according toUS50A411). The listed order of family members on the form was non-standard. 7 = Surname differed, and child was a male, or a female under age 15.
If a link could be made according to more than one rule, the lowest-numbered rule was applied.


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  • United States: 1850a

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