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E. Female respondents age 12 and older
[Questions 21-24.]
Children ever born

21. How many male/female children were born alive to [respondent] and are now living with her in this household?

If she is not staying with any of her children, write "00".
Male _ _
Female _ _

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E. Women with the age of 12 and above
This part is important so, you should be very careful when asking questions and filling in the answers. Questions 21 to 24 are specifically for women age 12 and older.
All men (without age consideration) and women younger than 12 years should not be asked these questions. You acquire every detail about the number of children born alive from the woman you are interviewing for the whole period, up to the night before the Census day.
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It is stressed that a baby born "alive" is one who shows signs of being alive (he/she breathed or cried), even if for a short time. Please make sure that the children mentioned by the respondent are only those she gave birth to, not those she is raising.
Remember that the night before the Census day is the one between the 24th and the 25th of August, 2002.Therefore, all babies born after the night before the Census day should not be counted, though they will be in that household when your enumerating those in the household. For example, all children born after midnight in the night between August 24th and 25th, 2002 are not to be counted. This may happen when you are forced take more than a day to enumerate in your area.
The answers are to be given by all women age 12 and older without taking into consideration their marital status. Even if she is still in school or university, as long as she is 12 or older, she must be asked this question.
Note: Questions about births are to be answered by the respective woman, for she is the one who knows her birth history.
It is possible to meet women who do not want to give information about their children. There are different reasons that may lead to this situation, but make sure you get the correct information about the live births from that woman. If this situation arises, seek for help from the street/village chairman/sheha or any leader in that area.

Question 21: How many children have you given birth to? How many are male? How many are female? How many are living with you here?
This question wants to know the number of children born alive to the woman you interview, and how many live with their mother in the household. Don't forget to ask how many are male and how many are female. Write the answers using two digits and shade the corresponding space.
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For example, if a woman has two male children, then shade code "02" in the space provided for male children and code "00" in the place provided for female children. If a woman does not live with the children or has never given birth to a live child, write "00" and shade the appropriate space depending on the sex of the child.