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Section 6: Economic Activity - For all persons fifteen (15) years old and over

[Questions 20 and 21 apply only to those answering (30) in question 19]

20. Reason for not seeking work past week

Why did (N) [the respondent] not look for work during the past week?

[] 40 Student (S)
[] 41 Home duties (HD)
[] 42 Retired (R)
[] 43 Disabled (D)
[] 44 Old age pensioner (OAP)
[] 45 Did not want work (DNWW)
[] 46 Discouraged (DISC)
[] 47 Awaiting Results (AR)
[] 48 Knew of no vacancy (KNV)
[] 49 Temporary Illness (TI)
[] 77 Other (O)
[] 99 Not stated (NS)
Interviewer: For persons who shaded 40 to 45, skip to Q.25.
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Section 6 - Economic activity

6.3. The economically inactive population (out of the labour force)

This general category consists of:

(i) Persons who explicitly stated that they did not want work


(ii) Students (full time)
(iii) Persons engaged in home duties
(iv) The retired
(v) The disabled
(vi) Old age pensioners
(vii) Other persons, e.g. mentally challenged, inmates of prisons, hospitals, mental institutions etc.

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