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9. Sex
M Male
F Female

1 [] M
2 [] F

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Section IV: Questions regarding individual characteristics (8-34)
This section includes questions (Questions 8-34) about the population's social and economic characteristics. In this section, only write the characteristics of those people present at the time and place where the census is being conducted. Whether the household head is at home or not, be absolutely sure to begin by first writing his/her name and surname on the first line of Section IV, together with all of his/her characteristics (from Question 8 to Question 34). Take care that the household head's name and surname entered in this section are identical to the ones written in the first line of Section III.
After writing down all of the characteristics of the household head, whether he/she is at home or not, (except for household members not at home) also write down all the characteristics of all the household members who are present at home, beginning from the oldest and proceeding in order of age, from oldest to youngest. After the household members, write using printed letters into the pertinent section and in order of their ages the names surnames and all the characteristics of those who, while being present at home, are not household members (guests). Answer questions with a box by placing an "X" into it.

Question 9: Your gender?

Based on the gender of the person being administered the census, place an "X" into the 1 "M" box if a male, and into the 2 "F" box if a female.