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Part 3. Housing Questions (For Private Household)

[Questions H1-H18 were asked of private households.]

H4. Tenure of household living quarter (excluding land)

[] 1 Owner
[] 2 Buy on installment
[] 3 Rent
[] 4 Rent free for service
[] 5 Rent free others

H8. Ownership of land

If owner or buy on installment in H4

[] 1 Owner of land
[] 2 Buy on installment
[] 3 Rent
[] 4 Rent free
[] 5 Other (specify) ____

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3.35 Land property ownership:

The person in the household has the right in owning the land property.

3.35.1 Land owner means the person who has the right to own land property. In the case that the hire purchaser mortgages the land and pays the bank in installment, the hire purchaser is considered the owner of that land.

3.35.2Hire purchasing the land means the buying of land by installment.
When the payment is completed, the buyer is considered the owner of the land.

3.35.3Renting the land means the building of a house on the land own by other(s) and pays the rented fee to the owner of the land on monthly or yearly basis.
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3.35.4 Not paying the rented fee means the landlord allows a person to build a house on his land free of charge.
Section 3 Questions on Housing
(Ask only private household)

Questions on housing are concerned with living places of every private household in municipal area. For those outside municipal area and Bangkok, ask only the sample households.

Guideline for questioning and recording

1. Ask conditions of living place by household not by person.
2. If a household living in many houses in the same area, consider the house where head of the household lives.
3. If several households living in the same house, consider conditions of the living place of the main household, other households or conditions of living are regarded as rooms in the house.
4. In recording answer, circle one code number only. If answer is "others," specify and record the answer clearly.
5. The question that has no answer code, record statement or number in the blank on the dot line.
H 4. Possession of living place of the household (excluding land)

Ask "What is the possession status of the person in this household?", then circle a code corresponding to the answer only.

1. Owner
2. Hire purchaser
3. Rent
4. Live without paying rent as it is part of salary/wages
5. Owner allows to stay without paying rent
H 8. Land ownership
Ask only households circled code 1, 2 that is "owner" or "hire purchaser" in (H 4).

Ask "Is any household member own, hire purchaser, rent, or living without paying rental fee?" Circle a code corresponding to the answer:

1. Owner
2. Hire purchaser
3. Rent
4. Living without paying rent
Other (specify ____)

Record in the blank when the answer is other than the four aforementioned answers in "Other (specify ____)"